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History of the City of Dresden

Founded on the site of a Slavonic fishing village as a merchants' settlement and the seat of the local rulers, Dresden was from the 15th century onwards residence of the Saxon dukes, electoral princes and later kings.
The city has experienced both splendid eras and times of tragedy. It was above all during the 18th century a magnificent centre of European politics, culture and economic development, only to become a synonym for apocalyptic destruction just two centuries later.

For the people of Dresden, and for friends all over the world, it has always been a unique city, with a fascination which has evolved throughout a turbulent history.

Tour through the history of the city

Accompany us on an illustrated tour through 16 chapters of the 800-year history of Dresden.

Do you want to learn more about local history ?

We have collected various contact addresses to help you answer any further questions you may have concerning the history of the city.