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International Dresden Dialogue

Social Cohesion and the City, from 2 to 3 of October 2017 in Dresden

Why an International Dresden Dialogue?

Dresden has become a focal point of the developments described above. Political polarisation and an increa-sing division in our society has taken place over the last years. Social media played a big role in mobilising people. Its wide reach and influence accentuate the negative effects of inaccurate sentiments circulated online. The division running through the city has also been recently demonstrated by the public exhibition of an Aleppo-inspired bus barricade sculpture in the city centre. While the official opening led to tumultuous scenes of opponents and advocates of this monument, it could also be seen in the course of the exhibition that art can create dialogue and reach out to people that would have otherwise not been reached.

Against this backdrop the International Dresden Dialogue wants to discuss the question of community cohesion in cities, focusing in particular on the role of social media in fostering or challenging this cohesion as well as the role of art and culture. The International Dresden Dialogue is designed to create a debate and exchange between local decision and policy-makers and practitioners from different European cities and to feed into European discussions on how to live in Europe in the future.


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