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Striezelmarkt © DIG / Christian Borrmann

Dresden's residents love their Striezelmarkt. Since 1434, the market has preserved its distinctive character despite a few changes. The world's largest Erzgebirge step pyramid, which made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999, is 14.62 meters tall and can be seen far and wide. More than 2.5 million people visit the romantic Dresden Altmarkt (Old Market) every year.

The market's name comes from Stollen, the well-known Christmas bread, which is also known as »Striezel« in Middle High German. Every year, the traditional »Stollen festival« is celebrated in honor of this delicacy. Every year, the ceremonial first slice of the giant Stollen at the Striezelmarkt is followed by a Stollen procession through the Baroque Old Town.

Stand auf dem Striezelmarkt mit dem nostalgischen Karussel im Hintergrund. Foto: DIG / Christian Borrmann

However, the market was not originally intended as a venue for »Striezel« sales, but was the result of a proclamation by Saxon Prince Friedrich II, permitting the establishment of an open market in 1434. Initially, only meat was sold on the site of today's Altmarkt, but the range of offerings was soon expanded.

Today, visitors can expect a varied assortment of culinary delicacies and traditional products. The folk art of the Erzgebirge region is an essential feature - loving craftsmanship produces miniature pyramids, Räuchermänner (»smoking men«) and other small figurines.

Another symbol of Dresden is the »Pflaumentoffel«. These good-luck charms, made of dried plums, represent the little boys who cleaned the chimneys. The market stands are also always popular, selling blueprints and pottery from Lausitz, Lebkuchen from the gingerbread city of Pulsnitz, and Herrnhut stars.

More detailed information about opening hours and additional event dates, the culinary offerings and various handicrafts at the Striezelmarkt, as well as further information for visitors, can be found under the following link:

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Herrnhuter Sterne auf dem Striezelmarkt. Foto: DIG / Christian Borrmann