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Museums in Dresden

Giorgione, Schlummernde Venus. © SKD/Klut
Historic Green Vault © SKD/Brandt

The arts and cultural metropolis of Dresden offers its visitors a diversity of museums. There are museums and exhibitions about history, world art, technology, science, contemporary art and much more.

Dresden summernight of museums

An annual highlight that should be remembered by all arts and culture enthusiasts is the museum's summer-night-Dresden. On 11th July 2015 more than 40 museums open their doors and present themselves in an unusual way. Closed districts will open, rare machines set in motion, and special tours at all locations give an insight into the secrets of Dresden’s museum treasures.

Dresden State Art Collection

With over 450 years, the Dresden State Art Collections are today the oldest and second largest museum association in Germany and are presenting masterpieces of world-class, e.g. the Historical Green Vault and the New Green Vault, known as the treasures of the Wettins and the Old Masters Picture Gallery with Raphael's " Sistine Madonna”.

Dresden’s museums take up different themes

Since 2005, the Staedtische Galerie Dresden (Dresden State Gallery) has provided Dresden with an additional space for displaying visual arts, combining more than two centuries of art history in Dresden. The themes of Dresden’s other museums range from city and military history to the Technische Sammlungen (Technology Collections) to the Buchmuseum (Book Museum). The Deutsches Hygiene-Museum is also well-known.

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Dresden including museums

Experience three days of Dresden including free admission to the Old Masters Picture Gallery, New Masters Gallery, the New Green Vault, the Sculpture Collection and 11 other museums of the Dresden State Art Collections.

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Deutsches Hygiene-Museum © Killig