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(from left) Ufa-Kristallpalast © DMG/Gladasch, Zwinger © DMG/Exß, Yenidze © DMG/Dittrich

Dresden’s beauty is inseparable from the natural beauty of the Elbe valley. City and landscape have developed harmoniously over centuries. And its architectural character has been shaped by masterpieces from numerous eras. The best-known historical attractions of the old city include the Zwinger, the Cathedral, the Semper Opera House, the Royal Palace, and the Frauenkirche, which was reconstructed with donations from all over the world.

Presence sets priorities

The Neustadt district is furthermore the largest wholly preserved late-19th-century city quarter in Germany. Entering into a stimulating dialogue with this impressive heritage, present-day brilliance climbs pinnacles of its own, for example with the New Synagogue, the UFA Kristallpalast cinema and the International Congress Centre. Sir Norman Foster designed a translucent Teflon membrane to span the historical arched ironwork of the main railway station, Peter Kulka produced a transparent canopy for the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace, and Daniel Libeskind supplied the drawings for the extension and restructuring of the Military History Museum.

International Congress Centre Dresden © DMG/Exß

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