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Art & Culture

Blick auf die Brühlsche Terrasse in der Abenddämmerung. Von hier hat man Zugang zu verschiedenen Museen der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden. © Martin Dietrich

48 museums, 60 galleries and 36 theatres and stages – a true pleasure for the emotions and intellect alike, and ideal day and evening programmes for every taste and mood. World-famous attractions are the Old Masters Picture Gallery with Raphael’s »Sistine Madonna«, the former royal treasure collection, the »Green Vault« and the Albertinum as a museum of contemporary art from the 19th to 21st centuries.

Brühlsche Terrasse, Hochschule für Bildende Künste © Martin Dietrich

Dresden has earned a similar world reputation as a city of music, with traditions stretching back over 700 years. The Semper Opera House, the Staatskapelle orchestra, the Dresden Philharmonic and the Kreuzchor choir are ample testimony. Attractive festivals, exciting theatre and dance productions, and a series of top events are occasions for a visit to the city whatever the season.

Semper Opera House © DMG/Dittrich

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Dresden including museums

Experience three days of Dresden including free admission to the Old Masters Picture Gallery, New Masters Gallery, the New Green Vault, the Sculpture Collection and 11 other museums of the Dresden State Art Collections.

From € 110 per person

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