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Green & Active

Park near by the river Elbe © DTG/Klewe

Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and it offers plenty of options for outdoor activities. In the northern part of the city, the Dresdner Heide includes a large enclosed forest area. In the Klotzsche district there is the »Dresdner Heide« climbing facility. You can test your sense of balance and coordination on seven different obstacle courses. Similar offerings can be found in the former forest baths in Bühlau and in the Moritzburg game reserve.

Climbing Park © Waldseilpark Dresden-Bühlau

Great Garden © DTG/Klewe

Great Garden & the Elbe Cycle Trail

In the city center is the expansive park facility of the Great Garden, with inviting branched paths for jogging or Nordic Walking. Along the Elbe within the city limits, broad meadows, vineyards and parks surround the river. The Elbe Cycle Trail leads straight through the meadows, one of the most charming and diverse bicycle trails in Europe. The roads toward Meissen and Saxon Switzerland are ideal for a day trip by bicycle.

Night skating in Dresden

If you prefer inline skates to bikes, you can make your rounds on the wide boulevards of the Great Garden. From the end of April to mid-October, about 3,000 skaters meet every Friday at the Lingnerallee half-pipe at about 9 pm for Dresden night skating. The parks of the Pillnitz Palace, along the southeast edge of Dresden, are worth a special mention. Embedded in the enchanting Elbe landscape, the artistically laid out Baroque park and its neighboring landscape garden invite visitors to take a stroll.

A paradise for water lovers

Even water lovers can find what they need in Dresden, discovering the city by canoe. For entertaining and adventurous experiences as a group, we recommend guided float or raft tours on the Elbe. If you would rather be driven, motorboat rentals are an option. Also spectacular is the waterskiing facility on the Kiessee in Dresden/Leuben, where people – not just pros – can jet through the water on wakeboards or skis at speeds up to 60 km/h. Finally, there are numerous communal outdoor pools, indoor swimming complexes and saunas throughout the city.

Golfing in the summer – ice skating in the winter

Precision and elegance are a high priority in the »Dresden-Elbflorenz« and »Dresden-Ullersdorf« golf facilities on the edge of the city. Expansive green spaces invite golfers to play in a charming landscape. Well-suited courses offer an appropriate challenge for every handicap. Even in the winter, there’s nothing boring about Dresden. The skating rink and ice stadium in the Freiberger Arena attract crowds of ice skating enthusiasts. The Ostra enclosure and the Great Garden offer good opportunities for cross-country skiing.

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Elbe Cycle Trail © Tourismusverband Sächsisches Elbland
Golfing in the summer © Golfclub Dresden-Elbflorenz
ice skating in the winter © Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski