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Wiener Platz, Prager Straße & Altmarkt

Wiener Platz mit Kugelhaus © DMG/Münch

Flanked by the mirror facades of the »Kugelhaus« and »Prager Spitze«, Dresden's classic shopping mile already begins outside the main railway station. It stretches from Wiener Platz along Prager Strasse, with the adjoining Ferdinandshof precinct, on to the Altmarkt square and Wilsdruffer Strasse. Here you can find international fashion chains and the largest bookstore in Eastern Germany.

Innenansicht Hauptbahnhof © DMG/Dittrich

Prager Spitze © DTG/Klewe

Those who prefer indoor shopping malls should look into the new Centrum-Galerie which was opened on Prager Strasse in September 2009 with 120 shops and restaurants on four levels. Just a few minutes walk away, the Altmarkt-Galerie, with over 100 individual shops and restaurants on three floors, is currently being extended.

Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden © DMG/Dittrich
The old market was already in the 12th century the focus of trade of Dresden. There opened in a historic setting in the fall of 2002, the Altmarkt Gallery with over 100 shops, cafés and restaurants. From 35,000 up to 100,000 daily visitors stroll through the interconnected buildings on three levels. Countless exhibitions and events make the Gallery to a magnet for visitors.
The Center has become with its courtyards and attractive outdoor spaces into a homogeneous City neighborhood with its own character. By expanding the Altmarkt Gallery has since the spring of 2011 more than 90 stores, also caused some 2,900 square meters of office space and a hotel with 200 rooms. The successful integration into the Old City of Dresden has been recognized by several international awards.

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